Humidity Packs

Boveda LogoBoveda : Two-way humidity control for herbal curing and storage.

Salts together with water will naturally regulate humidity. Boveda is unique because it provides TWO WAY humidity control. It both removes excess humidity, AND adds extra moisture, depending on the relative humidity of your herbal product. It is constantly at work keeping your herbs at a steady RH (relative humidity).

Boveda uses all FDA-compliant ingredients and won’t damage anything through direct contact. The life of any Boveda depends how much moisture it releases, which will vary based on climate and container. You’ll know it’s time to replace Boveda when it becomes stiff and non-pliable.

Boveda comes ready to use and does not require activation or maintenance. Simply toss a packet into your herbal container and let it do its magic. Replace it when it becomes stiff or rigid. How long? That will depend on the level of moisture in the container, which could mean replacing weekly or annually. 
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